A Personalized Learning Choice Board for Blended Learning Teacher Preparation

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Cecil R. Short
Karen T Arnesen


This unit allows preservice teachers at the end of a one-credit hour, K-12, online and blended teaching course to further explore blended teaching competencies that they feel are weak or are interested in. The unit is meant to be completed independently with weekly asynchronous check-ins to ensure progress. The unit includes a choice board of activities focused on the four different blended teaching competency areas covered in prior units. Students select and complete three activities from the choice board. Each activity provides an opportunity to reflect on the activity and on experiences with personalized learning.


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Short, C. R., & Arnesen, K. T. (2022). A Personalized Learning Choice Board for Blended Learning Teacher Preparation. Journal of Technology-Integrated Lessons and Teaching, 1(2), 36–46. https://doi.org/10.13001/jtilt.v1i2.7389
Author Biographies

Cecil R. Short, Emporia State University

Cecil R. Short is an Assistant Professor of Secondary Education at Emporia State University. His research focuses on Personalized Learning, Blended Teaching, Open Educational Resources (OER), and OER-Enabled Practices. More about Dr. Short and his work can be
found online at https://www.cecilrshort.com/.

Karen T Arnesen, Brigham Young University

Karen T. Arnesen is a Ph.D. student in the Instructional Psychology and Technology program at Brigham Young University. She has been an ELA teacher, magazine editor, and instructional designer. Her research and design interests are in blended teaching, personalization, and self-regulation.