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Journal of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education

About the Journal

The Journal of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education (JOERHE) is a Diamond Open Access, open peer-reviewed journal. The journal features content concerned with OER, Open Pedagogy, Open Access, Open Data, and similar topics focusing specifically within the context of  Higher Education in the United States and Canada.

Alongside quantitative and qualitative research articles, JOERHE features a columns section where authors can present case studies, experiential essays, notes from the field, and similar shorter form entries. The columns section will be editorially reviewed by the Columns Editor. JOERHE also features a reviews section where individuals will be invited to review OER, similar to how journals present book reviews of relevant works. The Reviews Editor will select OER to be reviewed and solicit qualified individuals to review the works for each issue. 

Before submitting to JOERHE, please review our Journal Policies and Author Guidelines.