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Vol. 37 (2021)

Published: 2021-01-09

The W-weighted Drazin-star matrix and its dual

Mengmeng Zhou, Jianlong Chen, Néstor Thome


On linear preservers of semipositive matrices

Sachindranath Jayaraman, Vatsalkumar N. Mer


On the little secondary Bruhat order

Rosário Fernandes, Henrique F. da Cruz, Domingos Salomão


Karamardian Matrices: An Analogue of Q-Matrices

K.C. Sivakumar, Sushmitha Parameswaran, Megan Wendler


Corrigendum to "Determinants of Normalized Bohemian Upper Hessenberg Matrices"

Massimiliano Fasi, Jishe Feng, Gian Maria Negri Porzio


Laplacian integral subcubic signed graphs

Yaoping Hou, Dijian Wang


Nonsparse companion Hessenberg matrices

Alberto Borobia, Roberto Canogar


Extreme Points of Certain Transportation Polytopes with Fixed Total Sums

Zhi Chen, Zelin Zhu, Jiawei Li, Lizhen Yang, Lei Cao


Ordered multiplicity inverse eigenvalue problem for graphs on six vertices

John Ahn, Christine Alar, Beth Bjorkman, Steve Butler, Joshua Carlson, Audrey Goodnight, Haley Knox, Casandra Monroe, Michael C. Wigal


Totally bipartite tridiagonal pairs

Kazumasa Nomura, Paul Terwilliger


mth roots of H-selfadjoint matrices over the quaternions

Dawie B. Janse van Rensburg, André C.M. Ran, Frieda Theron, Madelein van Straaten


Nonparallel flat portions on the boundaries of numerical ranges of 4-by-4 nilpotent matrices

Mackenzie Cox, Weston Grewe, Grace Hochrein, Linda Patton, Ilya Spitkovsky


On tensor GMRES and Golub-Kahan methods via the T-product for color image processing

Mohamed El Guide, Alaa El Ichi, Khalide Jbilou, Rachid Sadaka


On the estimation of ${x}^TA^{-1}{x}$ for symmetric matrices

Paraskevi Fika, Marilena Mitrouli, Ondrej Turek


Generalized Standard Triples for Algebraic Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials

Eunice Y.S. Chan, Robert M. Corless, Leili Rafiee Sevyeri


Polar decompositions of quaternion matrices in indefinite inner product spaces

Gilbert J. Groenewald, Dawie B. Janse van Rensburg, André C.M. Ran, Frieda Theron, Madelein van Straaten


Centrosymmetric universal realizability

Ana Julio, Yankis R. Linares, Ricardo L. Soto


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