Research Project Report

Observations on Some Bird Communities in Grand Teton National Park

Douglas Flack
University of Wisconsin

Published 1965-01-01


Observations were made on the bird communities bordering the north edge of the Snake River from the Research Station (not including the Station) to the Cattlemans Bridge and Ox Bow backwaters. The species nesting and feedling in each habitat or vegetational type were recorded and estimations of species abundance were made. The waterfowl of the river and Ox Bow was studied to learn something of reproductive success in the population and learn how productive these waters are. The majority of observations was made between 6 and 11 A.M., beginning in late June and ending in late August. Observations could not be made every day and there are frequent gaps of as much as four or five days. The majority of observations on waterfowl was made from vantage points along the shore, boats proving helpful only on a few occasions when disturbance of the birds would not be detrimental. The species observed are summarized below according to their relative abundance in the study area. Birds having large territories are simply listed as present. Project Number 137.