Research Project Report

Study of Spiders of the Fmily Lycosidae in Jackson Hole

Donald C. Lowrie
Los Angeles State College

Published 1962-01-01


An analysis of the family Lycosidae was made to determine the distribution, especially with regard to the ecological habitat, of the 23 species already recorded from this area. This was accomplished with regard to the common species which could be collected frequently enough to determine the general type of habitat for each. However, about ten of the seventeen Pardosas, for example, were insufficiently common to make any certain statements about where they would be found. Likewise, with regard to their tolerances for humidity. Enough data are available for only six species to clearly indicate their humidity preferences. Four species of lycosids not collected previously were found based on over 400 specimens collected at over thirty different localities from the valley floor to over 11,000 feet. It seems that much further work is necessary to get any idea of the ecological habitats of over half of the lyccsids of the area. Additional data were collected on all species of the area, but further study is needed. Project Number 119.