Research Project Report

The Alpine Insects of the Teton Range

J. Gordon Edwards
San Jose State College

Published 1961-01-01


As a result of my activities on this research in 1960 I became familiar with many routes affording access to the trailless valleys, high passes, and major summits in Teton National Park, Wyoming. During that summer I also discovered that some of these alpine areas support a much richer insect fauna than do others at comparable elevations. These extremely favorable localities were kept in mind for more detailed taxonomic, biological and ecological studies in the future, if possible. This summer, therefore, many nights were spent in "high camps" in the highly favorable localities, including the head of Stewart Draw, Timberline Lake, Alaska Basin, below Schoolroom Glacier, and high in Garnet Canyon. Evenings in camp were usually devoted to observations of insects on and near the snowfields and glaciers or on the barren slopes above tree-line in these great mountains. Project Number 105.