Research Project Report

A Preliminary Report of a Study of Swan Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Teton County, Wyoming

George T. Baxter
University of Wyoming
L. Floyd Clarke
University of Wyoming

Published 1955-01-01


A study was made of Swan Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming from mid-June through August, 1955. Swan Lake is an elongate, 33.5 acre lake with maximum depth of 10 feet, minimum depth 4.9 feet, and volume 164 acre feet. The basin is of glacial origin situated on a rolling morainal plain just east of Jackson lake in Range 115 W, Township 45 N of the Grand Teton quadrangle, U.S.G.S. 1899. The water supply is from a single small intermittant stream, possible undergo seepage and primarily water which backs in from Third Creek which flows past the south end of the lake. Project Number 75.