Nullities of cycle-spliced bipartite graphs

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Sarula Chang
Jianxi Li
Yirong Zheng


For a simple graph $G$, let $\eta(G)$ and $c(G)$ be the nullity and the cyclomatic number of $G$, respectively. A cycle-spliced bipartite graph is a connected graph in which every block is an even cycle. It was shown by Wong et al. (2022) that for every cycle-spliced bipartite graph $G$, $0\leq\eta(G)\leq c(G)+1$. Moreover, the extremal graphs with $\eta(G) = c(G)+1$ and $\eta(G) =0$, respectively, have been characterized. In this paper, we prove that there is no cycle-spliced bipartite graphs $G$ of any order with nullity $\eta(G)=c(G)$. Furthermore, we also provide a structural characterization on cycle-spliced bipartite graphs $G$ with nullity $\eta(G)=c(G)-1$.

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