On positive and positive partial transpose matrices

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Ibrahim Gumus
Hamid Moradi
Mohammad Sababheh


A block matrix $\left[ \begin{smallmatrix}
A & X \\
{{X}^{*}} & B \\
\end{smallmatrix} \right]$ is positive partial transpose (PPT) if both $\left[ \begin{smallmatrix}
A & X \\
{{X}^{*}} & B \\
\end{smallmatrix} \right]$ and $\left[ \begin{smallmatrix}
A & {{X}^{*}} \\
X & B \\
\end{smallmatrix} \right]$ are positive semi-definite. This class is significant in studying the separability criterion for density matrices. The current paper presents new relations for such matrices. This includes some equivalent forms and new related inequalities that extend some results from the literature. In the end of the paper, we present some related results for positive semi-definite block matrices, which have similar forms as those presented for PPT matrices, with applications that include significant improvement of numerical radius inequalities.

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