W-weighted GDMP inverse for rectangular matrices

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Amit Kumar
Vaibhav Shekhar
Debasisha Mishra


In this article, we introduce two new generalized inverses for rectangular matrices called $W$-weighted generalized-Drazin--Moore--Penrose (GDMP) and $W$-weighted generalized-Drazin-reflexive (GDR) inverses. The first generalized inverse can be seen as a generalization of the recently introduced GDMP inverse for a square matrix to a rectangular matrix. The second class of generalized inverse contains the class of the first generalized inverse. We then exploit their various properties and establish that the proposed generalized inverses coincide with different well-known generalized inverses under certain assumptions. We also obtain a representation of $W$-weighted GDMP inverse employing EP-core nilpotent decomposition. We define the dual of $W$-weighted GDMP inverse and obtain analogue results. Further, we discuss additive properties, reverse- and forward-order laws for GD, $W$-weighted GD, GDMP, and $W$-weighted GDMP generalized inverses.

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