Corrigendum to "Determinants of Normalized Bohemian Upper Hessenberg Matrices"

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Massimiliano Fasi
Jishe Feng
Gian Maria Negri Porzio


An amended version of Proposition 3.6 of [Fasi and Negri Porzio, Electron. J. Linear Algebra 36:352--366, 2020] is presented. The result shows that the set of possible determinants of upper Hessenberg matrices with ones on the subdiagonal and elements in the upper triangular part drawn from the set $\{-1,1\}$ is $\{ 2k \mid k \in \langle -2^{n-2} , 2^{n-2} \rangle \}$, instead of $\{ 2k \mid k \in \langle -n+1, n-1 \rangle \}$ as previously stated. This does not affect the main results of the article being corrected and shows that Conjecture 20 in the Characteristic Polynomial Database is true.

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