Centrosymmetric universal realizability

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Ana Julio
Yankis R. Linares
Ricardo L. Soto


A list $\Lambda =\{\lambda_{1},\ldots,\lambda_{n}\}$ of complex numbers is said to be realizable, if it is the spectrum of an entrywise nonnegative matrix $A$. In this case, $A$ is said to be a realizing matrix. $\Lambda$ is said to be universally realizable, if it is realizable for each possible Jordan canonical form (JCF) allowed by $\Lambda$. The problem of the universal realizability of spectra is called the universal realizability problem (URP). Here, we study the centrosymmetric URP, that is, the problem of finding a nonnegative centrosymmetric matrix for each JCF allowed by a given list $\Lambda $. In particular, sufficient conditions for the centrosymmetric URP to have a solution are generated.

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