On Properties of Semipositive Cones and Simplicial Cones

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Aritra Narayan Hisabia
Manideepa Saha


For a given nonsingular $n\times n$ matrix $A$, the cone $S_{A}=\{x:Ax\geq 0\}$ , and its subcone $K_A$ lying on the positive orthant, called as semipositive cone, are considered. If the interior of the semipositive cone $K_A$ is not empty, then $A$ is named as semipositive matrix. It is known that $K_A$ is a proper polyhedral cone. In this paper, it is proved that $S_{A}$ is a simplicial cone and properties of its extremals are analyzed. An one-one relation between simplicial cones and invertible matrices is established. For a proper cone $K$ in $\mathbb{R}^n$, $\pi(K)$ denotes the collection of $n\times n$ matrices that leave $K$ invariant. For a given minimally semipositive matrix (no column-deleted submatrix is semipositive) $A$, it is shown that the invariant cone $\pi(K_A)$ is a simplicial cone.

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