Line graphs of complex unit gain graphs with least eigenvalue -2

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Francesco Belardo
Maurizio Brunetti


Let $\mathbb T$ be the multiplicative group of complex units, and let $\mathcal L (\Phi)$ denote a line graph of a $\mathbb{T}$-gain graph $\Phi$. Similarly to what happens in the context of signed graphs, the real number $\min Spec(A(\mathcal L (\Phi))$, that is, the smallest eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of $\mathcal L(\Phi)$, is not less than $-2$. The structural conditions on $\Phi$ ensuring that $\min Spec(A(\mathcal L (\Phi))=-2$ are identified. When such conditions are fulfilled, bases of the $-2$-eigenspace are constructed with the aid of the star complement technique.

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