Generalized Commuting Maps On The Set of Singular Matrices

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Willian Franca
Nelson Louza


 Let Mn(K) be the ring of all n × n matrices over  a field K. In the present paper, additive mappings G : Mn(K) → Mn(K) such that [[G(y), y], y] = 0 for all singular matrix y will be characterized. Precisely, it will be proved that G(x) = λx + µ(x) for all x Mn(K), where λ ∈ K and µ is a central map.  As an application, the description is given of all  additive  maps  g : Mn(K) → Mn(K)  such that [[g(yk1 ), yk2 ], yk3 ] = 0 for all singular matrices y Mn(K),  where m ∈ N.

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