A note on linear preservers of semipositive and minimally semipositive matrices

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Projesh Nath Choudhury
Rajesh Kannan
K. C. Sivakumar


Semipositive matrices (matrices that map at least one nonnegative vector to a positive vector) and minimally semipositive matrices (semipositive matrices whose no column-deleted submatrix is semipositive) are well studied in matrix theory. In this short note, the structure of linear maps which preserve the set of all semipositive/minimally semipositive matrices is studied. An open problem is solved, and some ambiguities in the article [J. Dorsey, T. Gannon, N. Jacobson, C.R. Johnson and M. Turnansky. Linear preservers of semi-positive matrices. {\em Linear and Multilinear Algebra}, 64:1853--1862, 2016.] are clarified.

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