On the Condition Number Theory of the Equality Constrained Indefinite Least Squares Problem

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Shaoxin Wang
Hanyu Li
Hu Yang


In this paper, within a unified framework of the condition number theory, the explicit expression of the projectedcondition number of the equality constrained indefinite least squares problem is presented. By setting specific norms and parameters, some widely used condition numbers, like the normwise, mixed and componentwise condition numbers follow as its special cases. Considering practical applications and computation, some new compact forms or upper bounds of the projected condition numbers are given to improve the computational efficiency. The new compact forms are of particular interest in calculating the exact value of the 2-norm projected condition numbers. When the equality constrained indefinite least squares problem degenerates into some specific least squares problems, our results give some new findings on the condition number theory of these specific least squares problems. Numerical experiments are given to illustrate our theoretical results.

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