Range-compatible homomorphisms over the field with two elements

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Clément de Seguins Pazzis


Let U and V be finite-dimensional vector spaces over a field K, and S be a linear subspace of the space L(U, V ) of all linear operators from U to V . A map F : S → V is called range-compatible when F (s) ∈ Im s for all s ∈ S.
Previous work has classified all the range-compatible group homomorphisms provided that codimL(U,V )S ≤ 2 dim V − 3, except in the special case when K has only two elements and codimL(U,V )S = 2 dim V − 3. This article gives a thorough treatment of that special case. The results are partly based upon the recent classification of vector spaces of matrices with rank at most 2 over F2.
As an application, the 2-dimensional non-reflexive operator spaces are classified over any field, and so do the affine subspaces of Mn,p(K) with lower-rank at least 2 and codimension 3.

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