Solutions of the system of operator equations $BXA=B=AXB$ via the *-order

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Mehdi Vosough
Mohammad Sal Moslehian


In this paper, some necessary and sufficient conditions are established for the existence of solutions to the system of operator equations $BXA=B=AXB$ in the setting of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space, where the unknown operator $X$ is called the inverse of $A$ along $B$. After that, under some mild conditions, it is proved that an operator $X$ is a solution of $BXA=B=AXB$ if and only if $B \stackrel{*}{ \leq} AXA$, where the $*$-order $C\stackrel{*}{ \leq} D$ means $CC^*=DC^*, C^*C=C^*D$. Moreover, the general solution of the equation above is obtained. Finally, some characterizations of $C \stackrel{*}{ \leq} D$ via other operator equations, are presented.

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