Generalized left and right Weyl spectra of upper triangular operator matrices

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Guojun Hai
Dragana S. Cvetkovic-Ilic


In this paper, for given operators $A\in\B(\H)$ and $B\in\B(\K)$, the sets of all $C\in \B(\K,\H)$ such that $M_C=\bmatrix{cc} A&C\\0&B\endbmatrix$ is generalized Weyl and generalized left (right) Weyl, are completely described. Furthermore, the following intersections and unions of the generalized left Weyl spectra $$ \bigcup_{C\in\B(\K,\H)}\sigma^g_{lw}(M_C) \;\;\; \mbox{and} \;\;\; \bigcap_{C\in\B(\K,\H)}\sigma^g_{lw}(M_C) $$ are also described, and necessary and sufficient conditions which two operators $A\in\B(\H)$ and $B\in\B(\K)$ have to satisfy in order for $M_C$ to be a generalized left Weyl operator for each $C\in\B(\K,\H)$, are presented.

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