The hyperplanes of DW(5,F) arising from the Grassmann embedding

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Bart De Bruyn
Mariusz Kwiatkowski


The hyperplanes of the symplectic dual polar space DW(5; F) that arise from the Grassmann embedding have been classied in [B.N. Cooperstein and B. De Bruyn. Points and hyperplanes of the universal embedding space of the dual polar space DW(5; q), q odd. Michigan Math. J., 58:195{212, 2009.] in case F is a finite field of odd characteristic, and in [B. De Bruyn. Hyperplanes of DW(5;K) with K a perfect eld of characteristic 2. J. Algebraic Combin., 30:567{584, 2009.] in case F is a perfect eld of characteristic 2. In the present paper, these classifications are extended to arbitrary fields. In the case of characteristic 2 however, it was not possible to provide a complete classification. The main tool in the proof is the classification of the quasi-Sp(V; f)-equivalence classes of trivectors of a 6-dimensional symplectic vector space (V; f) obtained in [B. De Bruyn and M. Kwiatkowski. A 14-dimensional module for the symplectic group: orbits on vectors. Comm. Algebra,43:4553{4569, 2015.

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