On the Robust Stability of Polynomial Matrix Families

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Taner Buyukkoroglu
Gokhan Celebi
Vakif Dzhafarov


In this study, the problem of robust asymptotic stability of n by n polynomial matrix family, in both continuous-time and discrete-time cases, is considered. It is shown that in the continuous case the problem can be reduced to positivity of two specially constructed multivariable polynomials, whereas in the discrete-time case it is required three polynomials. A number of examples are given, where the Bernstein expansion method and sufficient conditions from [L.H. Keel and S.P. Bhattacharya. Robust stability via sign-definite decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 56(1):140â145, 2011.] are applied to test positivity of the obtained multivariable polynomials. Sufficient conditions for matrix polytopes and one interesting negative result for companion matrices are also considered.

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