Common reducing unitary subspaces and decoherence in quantum systems

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Grzegorz Pastuszak
Andrzej Jamiołkowski


Maps of the form Phi(X) =sum_{i=1}^s A_iXA^*, where A_1, . . . ,A_s are fixed complex n by n matrices and X is any complex n by n matrix are used in quantum information theory as representations of quantum channels. This article deals with computable conditions for the existence of decoherence--free subspaces for Phi. Since the definition of decoherence-free subspace for quantum channels relies only on the matrices A1, . . . ,As, the term of common reducing unitary subspace is used instead of the original one. Among the main results of the paper, there are computable conditions for the existence of common eigenvectors. These are related to common reducing unitary subspaces of dimension one. The new results on common eigenvectors provide new effective condition for the existence of common invariant subspaces of arbitrary dimensions.

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