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Vol. 38 (2022)

Published: 2021-12-23

A note on the boundary of the Birkhoff-James ε-orthogonality sets

Georgios Katsouleas, Vasiliki Panagakou, Panayiotis Psarrakos


Positivity of Hadamard powers of a few band matrices

Veer Singh Panwar, A. Satyanarayana Reddy


On the structure of isometrically embeddable metric spaces

Kathleen Nowak, Carlos Ortiz Marrero, Stephen Young


The Gau-Wang-Wu conjecture on partial isometries holds in the 5-by-5 case

Ilya Spitkovsky, Ibrahim Suleiman, Elias Wegert


Kronecker products of Perron similarities

Janelle M. Dockter, Pietro Paparella, Robert L. Perry, Jonathan D. Ta


On decompositions of matrices into products of commutators of involutions

Tran Nam Son, Truong Huu Dung, Nguyen Thi Thai Ha, Mai Hoang Bien


Spectral Slater index of tournaments

Abderrahim Boussaïri, Abdelhak Chaïchaâ, Brahim Chergui, Sara Ezzahir, Soufiane Lakhlifi, Soukaïna Mahzoum


Majorization inequalities via convex functions

Mohsen Kian, Mohammad Sababheh


Group inverses of matrices associated with certain graph classes

Judith McDonald, Raju Nandi, K. C. Sivakumar


Constructions of cospectral graphs with different zero forcing numbers

Aida Abiad, Boris Brimkov, Jane Breen, Thomas R. Cameron, Himanshu Gupta, Ralihe R. Villagran


Banach spaces of GLT sequences and function spaces

V. B. Kiran Kumar, Rahul Rajan, N. S. Sarathkumar


Linear maps preserving the Lorentz spectrum: the $2 \times 2$ case

María I. Bueno, Susana Furtado, Aelita Klausmeier, Joey Veltri


K-subdirect sums of Nekrasov matrices

Zhen-Hua Lyu, Xueru Wang, Lishu Wen


Compatibility and companions for Leonard pairs

Kazumasa Nomura, Paul Terwilliger


On m-th roots of complex matrices

Heguo Liu, Jing Zhao


The products of involutions in a matrix centralizer

Ralph John de la Cruz, Raymond Louis Tañedo


Jordan chains of h-cyclic matrices, II

Andrew Nickerson, Pietro Paparella


A Sylvester-Kac matrix type and the Laplacian controllability of half graphs

Milica Andelic, Carlos M. da Fonseca, Emrah Kilic, Zoran Stanic


The Hamiltonian extended Krylov subspace method

Peter Benner, Heike Faßbender, Michel-Niklas Senn


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