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New Journal Section: Innovative Practices


This year, JOERHE is introducing a new section of the journal called Innovative Practices. This section is to promote the visibility of practical guides, program templates, and toolkits across Open Educational Practices.

This section has been created in response to the amount of helpful information included in the appendices of last year's submissions. In creating a dedicated section in JOERHE, checklists, survey instruments, and program templates can have more stable and permanent home, as well as wider visibility to OER practitioners and OER program managers.

The Innovative Practices section consists of practical, applicable, case-study type articles that provide a description of a practice, innovation, or program that is replicable and/or useful for individuals in higher education who are engaged in Open Pedagogy, Open Data, and/or Open Educational Resources. The addition of tables, toolkits, checklists, and other practical aids are encouraged.

For more information on how to submit to the Innovative Practices section and the submission requirements, please visit the Submissions page.